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A personal acquaintance with «illegal immigrants»

A personal acquaintance with «illegal immigrants»

by Tassos Aliferis

The overwhelming from the absolute integral helplessness feeling. They are suffering and we humiliate ourselves by living a torment of guilt and powerlessness that takes the willingness to breathe if we have any traces of humanity left.

They are those who are left over from wars in their homeland, children without parents, bereaved families and desperate people. To make sure that they will go back, it means for many of these small eyes to be closed forever. To send them somewhere else for better, there is no such place. But the worst thing there is not NOW a point on the earth, not to movement (as said by our ancient ancestors), but to just stand and appreciate the front and back.
There isn’t a cliff in front and the stream behind, we are in a constant decline from the abyss of human existence and wait to see if there is bottom.
Let's try to at least with the parachutes of solidarity and self-preservation (we have enough such provided that we have to remember the heart and soul), to decrease speed for the avoidance of a fatal collision.
It seems to have two roads of despair ahead of us.
One is to remain lifeless salt columns in the picture of the global policy effects, which we co-modulate to any such degree too, evidencing by this attitude our withdrawal from this «pointless» world.
And the other one is to suppress any feelings of solidarity and social responsibility, so the death as people is instantaneous, since such people are unable to form communities and much more involvement in developmental and cultural perspectives.
attitude So we need ... it is a term of survival, each one’s individual attitude of responsibility towards to such a global reality. It is necessary, since we have direct contact with the other half of humanity that dies from starvation, while we due to «too much food» ... to provide solutions as much and as we can hoping that all or most of them will do the same and they will form small but numerous components of humanity, to form at least a large resultant component that will reverse this global jungle scenery they have imposed us.
If this is our only hope, let set aside the many words and answer practically..., we might prevent a manner full of blood and human lives that will bring us into a worse place, because deterministically the imbalance can not be maintained.
Such of our hope, therefore will not die last will never die. Let us mobilize at least to see it be born and thus to feel that if we will fail to leave a better world than what we received, it can at least be done.


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