Megalo Horio

The village of Megalo Horio unfolds against the steep slopes of St. Stefanos, a few kilometers away from the village of Livadia. The top of the hill is crowned by an ancient castle that was built by the the Knights of St. John.

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he village of Livadia quietly hugs the shore next to the port at the foot of the mountains that shelter Livadia Bay. As you face eastward, the silhouette of the mountains of Turkey appear to rise out of the waters of the Aegean and the island of Simi can be seen.

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Eristos is a quiet, faraway place and is perfect for those who search for isolation. Looking from Megalo Horio, the eye's view is drawn to the fertile valley of Eristos Bay and the cool, blue backdrop of its gulf.

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Mikro Horio

The village of Mikro Horio was established in the 15th century in the hills above Livadia and was abandoned after World War II by its residents. Some of them moved to Livadia to build a new life as business developed around the port.

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Saint Antonios

Having a wonderful view of the islands of Nisyros and Kos, Saint Antonios is a small town, with a picturesque bay that boasts a small fishing port, a sea shore that is famous for its beach rocks, a few hotels, restaurants and cafes.

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