The picturesque beach of Saint Antonios has a small fishing port, a coast famous for its rocks, and some hotels, restaurants and cafes. The beautiful beach of Plaka, suitable for swimming, is situated a few kilometers away at the western part of the island.


The biggest part of Eristos beach is covered with golden sand. The beauty of the beach and the sea will tempt you to sunbathe, swim, dive, play games on the sand and take walks along the coast. The fishermen are usually there cooking the fish of the day.

Apart from Eristos beach, the peaceful and pebbled Lethra beach will fascinate you. You will follow the path that begins from Livadia and continues up to the end of the rock which is above the sea. You reach the neighboring Skasi taking another path. Moreover, two small ships leave Livadia daily and head for beaches that are inaccessible from the road, such as Skafi, Tholo and Saint Sergios.

Alternative activities

Tilos island welcomes its visitors every season, showing them its lively nature colors, its marvelous landscapes, its sounds, flavors and perfumes and its lively past.

Having more than 100 bird species, Tilos is ideal for everyone who loves birds and their monitoring. During spring, autumn and winter, the vivid colors of the wild flowers and the herbs on the mountains and near the beaches, make Tilos an artist canvas. Walking around its paths will fascinate nature lovers. These walks will be accompanied by the perfumes of thyme, chamomile and sage. Its big, rocky mountains are ready to accept those who like wandering on the mountains. The sound of waves, the view of the Aegean Sea and the beautiful sea ready to accept you for swimming, fishing and other activities (e.g. wind-surfing) dominate during summer time.

For those who are interested in the past, there are really beautiful restored ancient walking paths that one can enjoy. Many small churches that still have their original frescoes are scattered everywhere. The twisted trunks of windswept oak and olive trees seem to guard the secrets of the island past. At the top of the tallest hills, the visitors meet the medieval castles, which fascinate those who love to explore ancient history.

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