During your visit around the island of Tilos, it is worth walking around the following places:


-In Megalo Horio in order to visit Nekropolis, the Tilos Museum containing the excavations from Charkadio cave, many monasteries and the ruins of the Castle.

- The Castle of Knights. The only part of the castle that is preserved is the external wall. It is situated at the top of the hill, above Megalo Horio. It was built during the Late Byzantine period and it constitutes an imposing and devastated monument. You will ascend on a path and you will be fascinated by the astonishing view that is offered at the top.

- The Castle of Agiosykias, which is a castle from the 15th century and contains the church's ruins.

- The Medieval Castle of Messarias.

- The Charkadio Cave that contains paleontological findings.

- Saint Antonios graveyard, ancient and byzantine graveyard that keeps its ancient position and is full of epigraphs and anaglyph tombs

- The Saint Panteleimon Monastery.

- The Taxiarchis and Saint Antonios Monasteries.

- Kastelo, rocky hill which has medieval tower ruins. 

- The little church of Panagias Politissas, that was built in 1879 and was renovated in 1937.

- Panagias Theotokissas church.

 Megalo Horio

Taxiarchis monastery

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