Letters from Visitors

Dear Mr Aliferis,

Thank you for Tilos! We have just returned from 3 weeks on your wonderful island (2nd year running) and first of all I want to thank you for the excellent care that you and your team lavish on the island. We noticed the improvements to the lower path down from Micro Horio, and the enterprise shown in cleaning and sinking the boat that carried the illegal immigrants as an attraction for marine life.

May I make two suggestions please;

1. the kind of people who appreciate Tilos would greatly benefit from improvements to the paths across the island. These could become a huge attraction, but need signposts, better identification of the routes with red dots, and in some areas improvements to the surface. Four of us went on the walk from St Paleimon Monastery to Eristos beach. It was magnificent, but much time was lost finding the route, especially on the second half.

2. Whenever we went to a quiet beach (e.g. Red Beach) we found litter - mainly plastic debris - which badly dectracted from the beauty of the surroundings. In each place it would only take one hour once a year to clean.

3. Travelling round the island we were sad to see so many abandoned vehicles. The bulldozer at the top of the Gorge, the tankers and old buses on the road to Megalo Horio and the car on the road to Eristos beach. This must be a big problem on an island, but perhaps they could be taken and submerged in the sea to form an artificial reef attractive to marine life?

I am sure Tilos is already transformed in comparison to what in was, but I hope you will accept these few observations from someone who delights in the island and longs to see it even better.

With best wishes.

Richard Giles

PS and thank you for the trees at Plaka beach. Wonderful!

Dear Mr. Aliferis, Further to our brief meeting two nights ago, I wish to thank you and congratulate your workers.

The paths Livadia - Ghera and from Megalo Horio up to the Acropolis have been opened and are now a pleasure to walk. We did not have time to do Livadia - Lethra walk. But from a distance that too looks open.

Sadly the path from Megalo Horio to Aghios Antonios has been damaged by the winter storms and now requires much repair. We spent yesterday afternoon on Eristos beach. A number in the group chose not to swim, instead they collected a considerable amount of garbage – many more garbage bins are required. Your beautiful island has been much enjoyed - We thank you.

Rupert Mostert

Tour Leader

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