Orchid flora of the East Aegean (in German)

On Tilos island your eyes will be captivated by the numerous variety of plants, mainly in spring, whereas the sense of smell is satisfied by the herbs. Plant species of all the representative habitat types and in different soil conditions are found around the island.


The species that you are going to meet more than others during your walks are the Jerusalem sage (Phlomis floccosa), the Medick lucerne (Medicago heyniana Greuter), the Mullein (Verbascum), the Bellflower (Campanula simulans Carlström), a lot of orchids (8 species of Ophrys and 4 species of Serapias), the Mount Tabor oak (Quercus ithaburensis subsp. Macrolepis) and 5 more species of oak, a lot of rakis (gramithia) which are widespread around the island, the Sea pancratium lily (Pancratium maritimum), the Sea eryngo (Eryngium maritimum) at Eristos beach, wild tea (Sideritis curvidens) and the ladinos (7 species of Trifolium).

Below, there is an analytical Table of flora species that are found on Tilos, for those who love or study nature and the flora it has.

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