The transport equivalent means that the cost per kilometre of travel by ferry does not exceed the equivalent cost of rail travel, following the European precedent of France, which was implemented as far back as 1976.


The transport equivalent, a duty imposed by national and community law, ensures that the state provides equivalent public services to all citizens across its territory.

We finally have a vision to deliver to our area and our country, and that is a message of salvation.

A vision whereby every citizen living in or visiting those places will cross our seas in modern ships for less than 15 euro, and will be able to fulfil their basic needs as well as their professional potential, as this most beautiful corner of the world will break the chains of isolation and become accessible to every citizen of the world who admires beauty, and will visit it, creating the place of our dreams, and a country free of the need for amputation but, instead, beautiful, as we have always known it.

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