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19 November

Please note the correct number for Nissia Holidays is 01455 289421.


19 November

Please note the correct number for Nissia Holidays is 01455 289421.

16 November

After careful consideration I have regretfully decided to close Little Island Holidays. This has been a very difficult decision to make but the current economic climate makes continuing a greater financial risk than I can afford to run. I would like to thank everyone who has travelled with us over the last three years. Your support and patronage has been greatly appreciated and I am proud of what we ahieved with the company. 

My former Laskarina colleagues Meni & Lynne (who now run Nissia Holidays on Halki) will be taking over accommodation and transfers for Tilos and can give advice regarding flights and I hope that you will continue to visit Tilos. The lovely Ian Hogg will continue to work for Nissia on Tilos. 

Nissia Holidays may be contacted on 01455 289421 or by e-mails: or

Web address is:

Flights are available with Jet2 ( from Newcastle, Manchester & Leeds Bradford. Otherwise Thomas Cook, Monarch (Avro, Cosmos or Olympic), Thomson sell flights arriving early afternoon in Rhodes. Please be aware that Goldtrail offer flights to Rhodes but they also have a habit of changing or pulling flights at the last minute. You have been warned!!

Thanks again for the support, encouragement and friendship that you have given over the years. With very best wishes,


16 October

Latest football result - Tilos drew with Marasi (the second best team in Rhodes); the score was 2 - 2. A respectable result.

The weather has turned a little since our last departures on the 14th. Last night we were treated to lightening which was flashing over Symi and Turkey and there was some rain overnight. During the day it was cloudy with the sun occasionally coming through but now, in the evening, the wind is blowing very strongly.

Sad news that Pavlo from Nefeli gift shop died earlier this week. I'm sure that many of you have sampled his cakes, greek pastries, etc overthe years and he will be much missed. Our sympathy goes to his wife, Natasha who worked in the shop with him and his family. He was 58.

12 October

The football season has started and Tilos FC had their first match yesterday. They played against Nisyros and the result was an astounding win for Tilos with a score of 9 - 2!! It has to be said the Nisyros team did not present a difficult challenge but still Tilos played well and the teamwork was evident. Yianni (aged 15) played his first match and scored the first goal. The Nisyros goal keeper did well with no real defence from the rest of his team and his dispair was evident on a number of occasions. Still, it's a good start for Tilos and they are looking forward to their next match which is a tougher challenge - the second best team in Rhodes - so we 'll keep you posted of the result.

The weather has stayed remarkably good for the time year, with no jackets or fleeces in sight even in the evenings. However, it may be stormy tomorrow.

5 October

The PASOK party triumphed in yesterday’s general election with a convincing majority for Yiorgos Papandreo. The former Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis, accepted defeat and resigned his leadership of the Nea Demokratia party. The islands of Greece are traditional PASOK and there were general celebrations on Tilos last night with fireworks and the sounding of many car horns, and a party gathering in the square. Our mayor, Tassos Aliferis, is PASOK and so it was good news for him.

The weather is still very good for the time of year and there are still many visitors on the island and we draw to the end of the season, emjoying Tilos’s charms. Mike Gordon, the jazz pianist is on the island and will be playing at Faros again which will be a treat for us all.

7 September

The weather is still glorious on the island as we start on one of the most popular months with many regular guests returning as well as a good proportion of new faces. The Greek general election has been called and will take place on 4 October so if you will be on the island that time, it will be an interesting event to witness. The party currently in office, Nea Demokratia is trailing in the polls and it is thought that PASOK will win. This will be good news for the Mayor as he is in the PASOK party. As many of you know, the Mayor has been seriously ill over the last few months and was away from the island for treatment. It was good to see him back and we wish him well for a full recovery.

Some sad news - Mario's wife was killed in a road accident. This was a terrible shock for the family and indeed the whole island. Mario worked at Oasis and also was a driver for the council and many of you know him for his cheery good nature. He is presently in Athens with his children.

Ilias has made a few changes to Ilidi Rock - pergolas have now been added to all the balconies, televisions to all the rooms, as well as telephones. There is also wi-fi access throughout. Still no mattresses on the sunbeds though . . . !

The pedestrianised sea front has proved to be a big success and appreciated by visitors to the island although it is generally agreed that there is rather an excess of lamposts - rumour has it that there was a big discount for a bulk order.

There was a wedding at Ilidi Rock on Friday which was attended by many guests. The terrace outside the Ilidi Reception was where the wedding was held was beautifully decorated. The Deputy Mayor, Costas, carried out his first wedding with Vicky (from the Elephant Museum) translating. It was a lovely ceremony and we wish the bride and groom - Lynne & Andy - a long, health, happy life together.

I do not have any prices available for 2010 as yet and will not be making any bookings until the beginning of November. However, don’t forget that you can still pencil in a booking, without obligation. Having not had a break for three years, I may take a short holiday myself at the end of the season.

30 July

Greetings to all our readers! Things have been lively on the island, with many Greek visitors for the festival of Pandeleimon on 26th July. There was dancing and celebration long into the night and on the 27th the musicians played at Oasis Taverna and the partying recommenced! It has been very warm recently with temperatures rising to 41 degrees C on Sunday. It has cooled a little now, but is still gloriously warm.

The problems with the island's ATM have been resolved so all cards are now being accepted for cash withdrawals.

Music nights are Faros are continuing and guest artists are joining in. If you enjoy live music, head to Faros on Thursday evenings.

If you are still waiting for refunds from the CAA following the collapse of XL last year, please get in touch and I may be able to advise you. Many people have been recompensed but the CAA still have many claims to settle.

11 July

Better late than never! The Sea Star has arrived on Tilos and will begin its timetable from tomorrow.

29 June

Tilos is still bathed in glorious sunshine although there has been a pleasant breeze of late. For those of you wishing to use the ATM, you should be aware that it is not currently accepting Maestro Card with a chip. You may still withdraw cash on your card over the counter but there is a 4.5% charge applied. If you have a VISA card, this will still be accepted. This is due to a problem with the ATM’s computer system and is unlikely to be rectified before the end of the summer.

Still no Sea Star at present - I shall post news of its confirmed arrival as soon as I see it sail into Livadia Bay.

Bicycles have become very popular on the island since the pedestrianisation of the sea front road. Several are now available for hire on the island - a healthy and "green" way to see the island. Just be wary with the latest gear systems - don't backpedal to change gear or the chain will come off! (I'm showing my age now, aren't I?).

11 June

The weather has turned extremely warm of late with temperatures over 30 degrees C! Tilos is basking in sunshine. Still no sign of the Sea Star, I'm afraid, but I will post news when we know it is on its way. On the plus side although our present transfer boat takes longer to get to Tilos, we do see dolphins alongside the boat when the weather is calm.

The island is quieter this year with the world recession having its inevitable effect on business but fortunately the pound has strengthened against the euro meaning that you will get similar value for the pound sterling. I'm pleased to say that the restaurants have largely kept their prices down on Tilos meaning you can still enjoy your meals out.

22 May

The vets have arrived and work has started in earnest. Thanks to all the volunteers, locals and visitors who have helped catch cats so the vets can check them over and neuter them. The cats will be wormed and treated for other parasites which will make their lives a good deal more comfortable.

Now may be a good time to buy your euros for your holiday, the pound is strengthening a little.

Following the scandal over MPs' expenses, the Greeks are holding up the UK as an example of how to stamp out corruption. They much admire those who have, at least, resigned following the revelations and the main parties' decision to de-select dishonoured members of parliament. In Greece scandals come to light but those concerned claim immunity because they are MPs and keep their jobs!

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